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Whether you're serving a neighborhood, a community, or your state, having the right data to support your mission is imperative.  Projects range from analyzing data for you or providing the tools that will sharpen your delivery.


You impact the community beautifully.  You see things that many don't and you care in ways that more should.  Sometimes, collecting data or learning to tell that story to the masses can be tough.  That's where we come in.


We partner with renowned community leaders like you.  Partnering with effective community leaders allows us to tell a compelling story and gives those with big voices a message with sharing.



I started Catalyst to empower clients to effectively show their impact on the community by identifying sensitive measures, overseeing data needs, and creating trust and credibility to lead to program sustainability. By partnering with Catalyst, you can expect a personalized 21-touch client experience and a comprehensive community impact model without being overwhelmed (let's face it, data can create a lot to think about).  Over the past 17 years I have mastered techniques exclusive to telling a great data story. I bring clarity and awareness to your purpose, earn you more funds, and provide an opportunity for you to focus on your best practices.  My services help coalitions make data-driven decisions to improve the well-being of their communities. When data drives decisions, you are more effective at achieving your goals and objectives, which solidifies your role as a trusted, respected, and successful community organization.

-Stephanie Strutner, FOUNDER, MPH, CPS II


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